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Acrylic Framed (0)
Here they are, the same acrylic framed quotes that were given at the National Day of Prayer in Washington DC 2011.  100 of these sharp and impressive acrylic frames with Thomas Jefferson's qoute were given out to all the attendees this year as a challenge to our goverment leaders that even Thomas Jefferson feared for his country knowing that God is just and His justice cannot sleep forever.

Framed Quotes (66)

This Category contains ALL the quotes listed in the categories below but are listed as Framed Quotes. Due to the individual hand antiqueing process, the shape and color of the paper may vary slightly, as well as the frames are slightly antiqued and therefore will also vary slightly.  Thank you for your understanding.

Unframed Quotes (66)

This Category contains ALL of the quotes contained in the categories below and are listed as Unframed Quotes.  Due to the individual hand antiquing process, the papers shape and color may vary slightly from that pictured.  Thank you for your understanding.

Book Marks (13)

Keep these thought provoking quotes in front of you, all the time, in your favorite book.   Also, makes that perfect "Thinking of You"  gift.

Reenacting Supplies (1)
Items needed to outfit your Rev Period Camp and Persona
Custom Orders NEW! (0)

In recent months, we here at The Salty Lantern have recieved numerous requests for customer's researched quotes or sayings to be antiqued using our exclusive antiquing process.  I am glad to accommodate these requests.  Due to the delicate nature of the process that  we use, some of the "papers" don't make it through the entire process, so I make a couple of extra copies to ensure completion.  As a result we will be ADDING $2.00 to the current "Unframed" prices.  Thank You for your understanding.  Just contact us here at  with your requests and any preferences.  Choose your quote, choose your font, choose your frame size.


The Bible (4)
Eternal words of wisdom from the Father of all Wisdom
George Washington (19)
Quotes from the man considered to be the Father of the United States of America.
Benjamin Franklin (9)

Possibly a better human being than Benjamin Franklin ever lived, regarded with that analytical discrimination which distinguishes true greatness in inherent qualities rather than in brilliant external displays; and in almost every particular characteristic of a man, he presented a model of excellence of the highest standard.

James Terry White (2)
Historical quotes of James Terry White
Thomas Jefferson (7)
American history presents few names to its students more attractive and distinguished than that of Thomas Jefferson, and rarely has a single individual, in civil station, acquired such an ascendency over the feelings and actions of a people.
Lewis Schwellenbach (2)
Historical quotes of Lewis Schwellenbach
Misc Quotes (33)
Miscellanious quotes from a variety of sources, some serious, some humorous, but all contemplative.
Abraham Lincoln (4)
Historical quotes of Abraham Lincoln
Alexis de Tocqueville (5)
Historical quotes of Alexis de Tocqueville
Patrick Henry (3)
Historical quotes of Patrick Henry
Noah Webster (8)
Historical quotes of Noah Webster
Samuel Adams (7)
Historical quotes of Samuel Adams
Josiah Bartlett (2)
Mr. Bartlett was a stern, unbending republican in principle, yet, notwithstanding this, he was highly esteemed by Wentworth, the royal governor, and received from him a magistrate's commission, and also the command of a regiment of militia.
Thomas Paine (4)
Historical quotes of Mr. Thomas Paine
John Adams (10)
No loftier genius nor purer patriot wore the Senatorial robe during the struggle for Independence, than John Adams.
James Garfield (5)
Historical quotes of President James Garfield
Charles Carroll (2)
Mr. Carroll early foresaw that a resort to arms in defence of Colonial rights, was inevitable, and this opinion he fearlessly expressed.  His decided character, his stern integrity, and his clear judgment, made him an umpire in many momentous cases.
James Madison (6)
Historical quotes of Mr. James Madison, Father of the U.S. Consitution
John Jay (4)
Historical quotes of Mr. John Jay, Original Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court
Dr. Benjamin Rush (4)
Historical quotes of Dr. Benjamin Rush.  Doctor Rush espoused the patriot cause immediately after his return to America, in 1768, and his pen proved a powerful instrument, in connection with his personal exertions, in arousing the people to action.
Charles G. Finney (3)
Historical quotes of Rev. Charles G. Finney

Acrylic Framed
Framed Quotes
Unframed Quotes
Book Marks
Reenacting Supplies
Custom Orders NEW!
The Bible
George Washington
Benjamin Franklin
James Terry White
Thomas Jefferson
Lewis Schwellenbach
Misc Quotes
Abraham Lincoln
Alexis de Tocqueville
Patrick Henry
Noah Webster
Samuel Adams
Josiah Bartlett
Thomas Paine
John Adams
James Garfield
Charles Carroll
James Madison
John Jay
Dr. Benjamin Rush
Charles G. Finney
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