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What is the hope of this website?

In 2005, my family and I were introduced into the world of Historical Reenacting.  The time period was the year 1776.  As I discovered,most reenactors started with a love of history in their living room and then reenacting was just an extension of that interest.  Our story was a little different.  My son was allowed to participate in a weekend battle as a runner and then within a year the whole family joined him.  Then it was time to hit the books. 


During the years to follow, I read a handful of books on our nation’s history, of which we have a few, since we educate our children at home, plus The Heritage Foundation, American Vision, and WallBuilders were also great resources.  What I learned was just how many of our founding fathers were influenced by the Bible and their Christian upbringing, and ultimately using their faith to frame our nation.  Then I started noticing the attacks and false claims against our nation’s Christian roots.  I had never noticed them before, and was starting to get a bit concerned.  As I was discussing the writings of Patrick Henry with a fellow reenactor, he commented that he was unfamiliar with Mr. Henry’s stand on a certain topic.  I thought, then how many others didn’t know either, and how can I help others learn about this nation’s Christian heritage.” 


One practice of our homeschool is to create framed ‘Words of Wisdom’ and post them around our home to help emphasize that month’s major concept.  To creatively assist our family in learning history, I gathered various quotes from our nation’s founders which help emphasize our nations Christian heritage. It’s amazing the impact these quotes had on all of us.  The picture of our nation’s history was starting to fill in.  And what we discovered is absolutely fascinating.  We hope you enjoy the journey.


The hope of this website is to stir peoples interest and challenge others knowledge with a part of this nation's history that has been either forgotten or systematically deleted and of the men that started it, then to compare this beginning to where we are today. 

As I have heard it said, "In 5 years, you will be exactly the same person you are here today except for 2 things, the people you meet and the books you read."  I hope this website makes a difference. 



 This past year, 2010, we started our Event Sutlery. The positive responses were overwhelming. Here at The Salty Lantern, we will be working diligently throughout the winter, creating new items, like the Brown Bess replica 'pop gun'. The prototype has shot empty pop cans off the shelf 'from across the garage!!!'. We will still carry the staple items like wooden bowls, wooden spoons, wooden plates and wooden lanterns. Hey, do you see a pattern here?. But seriously, the main part of our business is History, sometimes controversal, but always accurate history. Our framed quotes and bookmarks have been very popular with you folks. Thank You.   Just one major announcement, I would like to publicly thank Paul 'The Bookseller' Taggert for the use of his tent, tables AND inventory, without them it would have been VERY difficult to pull off this past year.

See you all next year!!!  

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